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Commissions Open

Posted by ArtofCraig - August 25th, 2019

I am currently accepting commissions. Sorry this all sounds kind of cold/mechanical, I've just typed it so many times and had so many questions that I figure it's best to be 100% clear.

I am using a slot system. 3 slots are currently open. This will be updated if/when they fill up. Expected turn-around time is 1-2 weeks, subject to change.

Sketches: $10

Lineart: $20

Lineart + Flats: $30

Full color rendering: $50

Add half the price per additional character.

Contact: theyartbiz@gmail.com


-I am a character artist. Keep that in mind if you want backgrounds.

-Nothing's off limit but gore, scat, and related fetishes.

-Add 15% of the final value of your commission if you want it private (ie. no public release).


-Payment is handled through Paypal as a gift, because Goods & Services is a lil' whacky with commission payments (especially in allowing clients to force a refund because digital art has no physical delivery). If you aren't good with that, live your best life and commission someone else.

-50% non-refundable deposit up front (see Deposit Explained for details).

-It will be stylized. I am going to draw your request in the art style I deem fit (probably mine). If you want it to look like the original artist drew it, go commission the original artist.


1) You email me asking about a commission. You give me a description of the image you want and reference images for the characters.

2) I give you a quote for your first and second payments and a delivery timeframe.

3) You disagree and back out, or agree and pay the deposit.

4) When I've completed the sketch (if you ordered anything beyond that), I will send you a low-res watermarked WIP and ask if it's looking correct to you. If so, I will continue to the lineart phase. If not, I will re-draw it 2 times max for you. If you don't like it by the second re-draw, the commission is cancelled, and you lose your deposit. (This is not to say I will TRY to cause the cancellation, but I can't re-draw your picture all day - and if I didn't nail it in the first 3 tries, I'm not gonna).

5) Every few days, I will send you a low-res watermarked WIP of the illustration. Please don't ask how it's going every hour, it just slows me down and puts off the delivery.

6) When I'm done, I will send you a low-res watermarked version to prove that it's completed. You will then pay the remaining 50% of your commission, and I will send you a high-resolution unwatermarked version of the image as well as a .PSD file of the project (let me know if you don't care about that).

7) I retreat to my shadows, you retreat to your shadows, the world continues spinning.

Deposit Explained:

In the past, I've had people order a commission and then back out prior to delivery. This ends up with me having up to 10 hours on the canvas and the client not paying. This stinks, so rather than continue to allow that to happen, I started charging a 50% non-refundable deposit up-front. I say non-refundable, but there are two conditions in which your deposit may be fully or partially refunded:

1) I am no longer interested in the commission and I back out due to lack of interest. Full refund 100% guaranteed. No BS - this is all extra fun money to me, not cash I need to survive. Not worth destroying my reputation and losing out on future commissions to scam you.

2) You paid for a very expensive commission ($100+) but decided to back out, or weren't satisfied with the sketch re-draws. A partial refund will be in order depending on how long I've been working on the illustration. For example: if you did place a $100 commission and paid $50 up front, I will send you back an amount beyond payment commiserate with my expenditure of time.

That's all. Anything else and you lose your deposit.

By commissioning me, you implicitly state that you fully understand all of the above content, and if you do not understand part of it, you will ask for clarification prior to placing your deposit.